Green Card thru Investment

Interested in receiving a Green Card for yourself and your Family? You can do so thru investment in an American company. For more information please read the following Questions and Answers. you can then click here to apply. As you can see on the map on the right, we

provide investment services in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and Hawaii. You can live any where in the United States regardless of the location of your investment.





How much money would I need to invest?



Can I use someone else's money to invest?

You can use your own funds, or gifts from others, so long as you can completely prove that the funds were legally obtained.


How much would this cost me?

Please contact us and we will provide you with full details.


Do I need to have an Immigration attorney?

It is recommended that you retain the services of an immigration attorney once you have selected a project.


Do I need to live in Massachusetts to get a Green Card?

No. You can live anywhere in the United States.


Will you help me and my family throughout the Green Card process?

Yes. We will be with you every step of the way until you receive your Green Card.


Do I need to have any business experience or education to get a Green Card?



Do you charge a fee to get me and my family Green Cards?

Yes. We are designated as a Regional Center. As such, we have administration fees as well as other costs, which need to be paid by you. The amounts are affordable and will be fully disclosed. Please make an appointment to learn about these costs.


What if my application gets rejected by the Government?

Your investment funds are transferred from the escrow account into the targeted Business only after you have received the approval letter. In case your application is rejected for any reason, your full $500,000 will be promptly returned to you. In fact, until their release to the targeted Business, these funds are always placed in a segregated escrow account.


Who Are We?

Currently, we are the only U.S. Government-designated Regional Center for obtaining a Green Card through the EB-5 Program in the State of Massachusetts.


How can I get a Green Card for me and my family through investment?

You can obtain a Green Card for you, your spouse, and children under 21 once you invest $500,000 in a U.S. business, which meets the EB-5 requirements. There are very stringent requirements, but our office will help you throughout the whole process.
*Please also note that Five years after you receive your Green Card, you can apply to become a United States Citizen.


Would I need to work at the business in which I invest?

No. There is no requirement for your direct, hands on involvement. You will be a limited partner of the Project.


How long would it take me to get a Green Card?

Generally, it takes about a year or less.


Can I share funds with another person

No. You will need to have your own $500,000 in order to get a Green Card.


How many Green Cards are available for this program?

Currently, there are 10,000 available for the general EB-5 program. 3000 of these are especially earmarked for the program, in which we are involved.


What is EB-5?

EB-5 is the name of a government program through which qualified foreign investors can receive Green Cards by investing money in an American business and by creating a certain number of jobs through this investment.


How can I have my business approved to receive funds from this program?

You will need to prove to us (and to the U.S. Government) that your business qualifies under this Program.


How can I prove this?

We will start by interviewing you and your business partners. We will also require a comprehensive Business Plan.


But I do not have a Business Plan.

Just as you would present a business plan to a bank in order to get a loan, you will need to show that you have a viable business, which can at a minimum display a sustained growth over the next Five years. If you do not have a business plan, we can refer you to an outside professional, who can help you with writing an acceptable Business Plan.


Are there any costs involved?

Yes. You will need to pay an administration fee as well as other fees to be discussed in our meetings with you.


How can I find out more about this program?

Please contact us, and we will walk you through the Program.


How much is the Initial Prequalification fee?

It is $6500.00. Please note that total over all costs to your company could range from $35,000 to $50,000.00.


It is $6500.00. Please note that total over all costs to your company could range from $35,000 to $50,000.00.

No. You will only be charged the Initial Pre-qualification Fee ($6500) in the event that your business does not qualify.


What does the Initial Pre-qualification Fee include?

We will need to do a thorough screening and analysis of your company in order to see whether your business minimally qualifies for the Program.


If my business qualifies, how long would it be before I receive funds for my project?

Generally, once the Government approves your business and the Investment application (Form I-526), which will be several months, Investors' escrowed funds will be allocated for your business use. Based on our experience, in all, it could take 5-10 months before funds are disbursed to your business.


I am concerned. Could any money that comes from Investor be considered illegal money?

I am concerned. Could any money that comes from Investor be considered illegal money?


How long can I use the funds for?

Your company can have complete use of the funds for about Five years, after which the funds should be paid back to the investor.


How many jobs does my company need to produce to qualify for this program?

Generally, for every $500,000 investment, your business should produce 10 direct and indirect jobs.


Does the Investor become a co-owner of my business? Would they run my business?

The Investor will become a limited partner of your business. This means that while the investor has a stake in your company, he or she does not run your business. Nor does he or she have any voting rights.


Up to how much can I ask for under this Program?

Of course it depends on the size of your business. Investments can total from $1 Million to as high as $20-$30 million.


Is there any oversight on these funds once they are invested in my business?

Yes, most definitely. Our company as a Regional Center is obligated to become a compliance manager for these funds. As such, our company will become a minority stakeholder (usually about 5%). We will receive dividends. Your business will provide us with quarterly and yearly reports during the five-year period.


Does every business qualify?

No. In fact, only a very small percentage of businesses do qualify. However, please rest assured that during our first meeting or discussion, we will be able to let you know whether your business even meets the requirement for the Initial Prequalification.


I am starting a new business, can I qualify for funds through your Program?

Yes. Under this program, your business can be new, existing, or even a troubled business.


Do I become personally liable?

It depends. If you have a business organization (i.e., Inc, or LLC), then only your business may be liable for any matter. Just as in a bank loan, however, in certain cases, the individual business owner may be required to sign for any liability of the business.

end faq



Advantages of the EB-5 visa:

  • Permanent Residence for the whole family with one investment.
  • Husband, wife and all unmarried children under 21 receive Green Cards.
  • Live anywhere in USA.
  • Take any job, run or start any business, even retire.
  • Any nationality may apply.
  • No language requirement.
  • Same privileges as a US citizen:
    • Free public school education.
    • Same University fees as a citizen.
    • Access to Medicare after 5 years.
  • Wider job opportunity for your children in the future.
  • Property tax savings in some states like MA.
  • Citizenship after five years.

Requirements of the EB-5 visa:

  • Minimum investment of $500,000 Associated costs including:
    • Specialist EB-5 attorney
    • Medical check
    • Filing fees to the USCIS
  • Birth certificates and Marriage certificate
  • Record check
  • No prior US immigration violations
  • Detailed documentation for source of funds
  • Time to obtain Conditional Green Card, almost 12 months but getting less.

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